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Introducing Prairie Mathematics Colloquium, a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together the mathematical community on the prairies of Canada.

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Assistant Professor
University of Winnipeg


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NOVEMBER 23, 2023

SPEAKER:   Raphaël Clouâtre,  Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

TITLE:   "Pure States on Operator Algebras"

TIME:   2:30pm (Central)

JANUARY 18, 2024

SPEAKER:   Steven Rayan, Director, quanTA Centre and Professor, University of Saskatchewan

TITLE:   "Moduli Spaces and Quantum Matter: From Materials to Pure Mathematics and Back"

TIME:   2:30pm (Central)

MARCH 7, 2024

SPEAKER:   Sarah Plosker,  Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair, Brandon University

TITLE:   "Generalized Hadamard Matrices, Graphs Diagonalized by Such Matrices, and Quantum State Transfer"

TIME:   2:30pm (Central)


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